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"I have suffered from eczema for the past 25 plus years. I have used prescription strength steroid cream to treat flare ups but this has left me with thin and sensitive skin. I have tried numerous OTC creams including E45. I refer to E45 as ‘stinging cream’ as it actually makes my condition worse. I have bought medium priced creams and very expensive creams none of which have alleviated or calmed the problem. Work colleagues, family and friends have all commented on how ‘sore’ my neck looks which is very embarrassing for me as they probably can’t understand why I don’t do something about it. The truth is, eczema is a condition that just has to be lived with, there is no cure. I just wanted a cream that could help me live with my symptoms without feeling like a leper all the time. I had given up hope until I started using Clo Clo night and day edition face cream. My skin felt comfortable after the first application and my eczema looked better than it had done in years. I no longer felt itchy and dry and the redness disappeared within 2 days. I thought it was too good to be true and even put it down to my cutting back on carbohydrates that week. I soon ran out of the cream. The redness reappeared. I thought it was the stress of Christmas. I received some more of the cream as a Christmas present in the post and was so desperate to relieve my symptoms that I opened it immediately (sorry). Within days my skin was calm again. This week I tried an experiment. I had to be sure that the Clo Clo cream was the source of my success. I was sent a beautiful pot of Natura Bisse face cream from Net a Porter for my birthday. I couldn’t wait to try it. I applied it overnight. In the morning my eczema was back. Sore, itchy, red and stinging. The comments at work returned also. How embarrassing. I immediately swapped back to the Clo Clo cream and guess what, after only 24hours my skin feels like it’s on the mend again. It works for me!!" Joanne Appleyard - Sheffield, UK



The CLO CLO Serum Edition worked wonders on my skin by simply hydrating it, after 14 days of trying out the product (4-5 drops each morning before the application of any make-up and at night time before bed) I started to notice a difference. Applying the product at night was actually really nice as it seemed to bring my busy day to a calm, soothing state". - @hueofwhite



A Touch Of Skin Care Indulgence from Clo Clo Chloe Organics

There’s never been a better time for skin care lovers, old and new. I’ve shared some amazing skin care products recently from Aldi’s budget version of La Mer, Beauty Pie’s innovative skin care, the up and coming Hemptouch*, and the indie Herbivore Botanicals shaking up the market (all of these are cruelty-free btw).


And recently I discovered a brand called Clo Clo Chloe Loves Organics*. Like many other indie brands Chloe Loves Organics embraces the sense of well-being that can be achieved when caring for your skin. For me, looking after my skin isn’t about looking younger, it’s about looking well and taking a little bit of time out for pampering. And Clo Clo Chloe Loves Organics feels extremely luxurious and enriching.

I’ve been using two products from Clo Clo Chloe Loves Organics range. You can have a look at their full range here. First up is Clo Clo Chloe Loves Organics Cleansing Edition*. This cleansing balm is gorgeously rich and melts when it comes into contact with the skin. The balm contains rosehip, patchouli and lavender. I was slightly concerned about the essential oils because of my sensitive skin but I’ve had absolutely no reaction whatsoever. This is one of the nicest cleansing balms I’ve ever used and it smells absolutely amazing. The balm has a gorgeous orange scent which just makes it even better to use. A small amount is needed to completely remove all makeup. This doesn’t emulsify like other balm to oil cleansers so I did find it left a bit of a residue. My skin feels so nice after use, cleansed but not striped and very soft and nourished. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase this.

I’ve also been using Clo Clo Organics Serum Edition*. While this is described as a serum I’d say it’s more like an oil, similar to Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate, which is one of my favourite skin care products. Serum Edition is packed full of active ingredients such as Rosehip, Bergamot & Frankincense to help protect the skin against environmental damage as well as tackling skin concerns such as pigmentation, wrinkles, age spots and scars. The rich oil feels incredibly nourishing on the skin, so much so I didn’t think it would sink in but it does. My skin drinks it up. My skin has been feeling much more supple and hydrated while using this and I think I actually prefer Clo Clo Organics Serum Edition to Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery. If your skin is feeling particularly dehydrated due to the winter weather and indoor heating I’d really recommend give this serum a go, your skin will love it.

 All Clo Clo Chloe Loves Organics are gluten free, cruelty-free, non-toxic, paraben free and formaldehyde free. And I highly recommend giving them a go!

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I switch up my skincare routine all the time, but I feel that @chloelovesorganics products are here to stay. Unlike many other creams that I use on my face, these are organic and free from all bad ingredients that are found in regular skincare. I use Day & Night cream from the range, and my skin looks dewy and bright. @ticija